We Are The Plant Preservation Society

We are an independent local family business which presents & sells unusual houseplants & handmade gifts in unique ways!

Established in 2017 by bringing our handcrafted gifts to Orange Pip Market in Middlesbrough – Teesside, The Festival of Thrift – Redcar, Saltburn Farmers Market ,Saltburn Food Festival – just to name a few. We aren’t rooted so don’t have the usual bricks & mortar store we deliver our  handmade products to our customers via a local green delivery,  a local artisan market or by collection – by appointment only.

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Qualified Florist & competition winner to design, arrange & present a posy to the Princess Royal.

Competition Finalist – Oasis Floral.

Featured in: The Evening Gazette, Hartlepool Mail, Love Middlesbrough & Blackwells of Norton